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Office Of The Public GuardianPublicGuardian

Government agency, the Office of the Public Guardian, tells us why they signed up to the Workplace Wellbeing Charter and how it has helped them manage employees, boost morale and what it means to have an outside organisation recognise their work around employee wellbeing.

The Challenge

Although there were strategies in place for the wellbeing of employees at the Office of the Public Guardian, there was no affirmation that these practices were effective. The Charter standards were used as a framework for validation and a basis for good ideas and recommendations to improve. The challenge was achieving the Workplace Wellbeing Charter.

A public-facing organisation with ownerless responsibilities it was imperative that their teams had the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves and were able to protect and empower those individuals who had lost mental capacity. 

  • Benchmarking existing practices against the framework 
  • Setting direction
  • Assessing staff moral
  • Encouraging staff to take more care of themselves 
  • Being in a position to make a public declaration

What We Did

A comprehensive analysis of existing practice and procedures, site visits, collection of information from interviews, focus groups and surveys. Health@Work’s objective was to gain a complete understanding of the Office of The Public Guardian so that we were in a position to make thorough and appropriate recommendations.

We met with HR and senior managers and members of the team so that we understood the business and we’re in a position to make recommendations that were achievable but challenging.

  • Dedicated consultants 
  • Interviews, surveys and focus groups provided qualitative and quantitative data
  • Site visit 
  • Detailed and comprehensive recommendations
  • Follow up discussion with management teams on suggested improvements

"It was a great framework to really assess how we were doing against the whole wellbeing spectrum within the workplace"

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Alan Eccles Chief Executive

The Outcome

A significant amount of change had taken place in the Office of the Public Guardian before the accreditation process took place. This put the organisation in a good place to progress.

As a result of the change programme and working with Health@Work they were able to achieve Charter status and commented ‘We have also noticed a big improvement in terms of morale in comparison to a year ago before we started the Charter and how things have progressed.’

  • Increase in morale
  • Clear direction 
  • Determination to progress 
  • Staff taking more care of themselves not just customers 
  • A happier and healthier workforce

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