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Build an everyday health and wellbeing hub for your employees that they can use anytime, anywhere.

With access to our mProve YOURSELF health and wellbeing app, your employees can turn their smartphone or tablet into a one stop shop to improve their fitness, mindfulness, sleep and much more.

mprove app

Inspire self-improvement with the mProve YOURSELF app

Provide access to the exclusive mProve YOURSELF wellbeing app and offer your employees the full experience of maintaining their wellbeing on the go. With more than 50 hours of physical and mental wellbeing content and over 70 guided fitness videos, mProve is the wellbeing hub in the palm of your workforce’s hands. 

With the mProve YOURSELF app users can:

  • Focus and unwind with a suite of guided meditations and breathing exercises 
  • Boost their fitness routine with over 70 exercise and resistance training videos 
  • Enjoy a better night’s rest with our sleep courses 
  • Refresh their outlook with the 30 Days to Happiness course 
  • Access a wide range of mental health courses and information 
  • Get advice on how to live with a chronic condition 
  • Find physiotherapy-led advice on lower back, neck, elbow and wrist issues. 

How can mindfulness help my workforce?

The term ‘mindfulness’ often shows up when we talk about wellbeing, but what does it mean? Mindfulness is all about our ability to be completely aware of the present moment, acknowledging our surroundings, feelings, and experiences. In the workplace, where employees balance busy schedules, office relationships, and deadline stress alongside their home lives, mindfulness can be an invaluable tool for reducing anxiety and improving motivation. 

The mProve YOURSELF wellbeing app is designed to offer your workforce access to brain-boosting mindfulness courses, tips, and exercises to better understand and practice better wellbeing wherever they are. 

Build your unique employee wellbeing hub 

Want to build a full, easily accessible employee benefits platform for your workforce? In addition to functioning as a self-contained wellbeing app, we can turn your employees’ mProve YOURSELF app into their one-stop-shop for all their Health@Work employee benefits. 

When you take out a wellbeing benefits package with Health@Work, your employees can access their full suite of benefits via the mProve YOURSELF app, including: 

  • Employee Assistance Programme benefits – Your Care, Togetherall, and more 
  • Best Doctors 
  • Gym discounts 

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    *Please note: Gym discounts and the Best Doctors InterConsultation Service are only available when purchased alongside mProve YOURSELF and/or the EAP.

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    Lines open: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

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