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Employee benefits for everyday peace of mind

It’s more important than ever to ensure your employee benefits don’t stop at the office door. That’s why Health@Work offer a range of employee benefits available as stand-alone products or as part of a comprehensive health and wellbeing support package.

Encompassing both mental and physical health support, as well as everyday wellbeing assistance, our employee benefits have been designed to provide a whole-of-workforce benefits solution that your employees can use whenever, wherever.

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Invest in your Employees’ Everyday Wellbeing

Ensuring great everyday health is a round-the-clock concern, which means that employee wellbeing shouldn’t stop at the office door. To help you support your workforce both in work and at home, we offer a range of health & wellbeing employee benefits – available as both stand-alone services and as part of a comprehensive employee benefits package.

With options to cover the mental, physical, financial, and emotional health support needs of your employees, our range employee benefits are designed to offer a whole-of-workforce solution that can be tailored to your organisation’s unique needs, and include:

  • The Employee Assistance Programme
  • mProve YOURSELF
  • Gym Discounts
  • Best Doctors
Blood pressure checks

Health Screening

Promote employee health and wellbeing by offering onsite health checks to suit all your workforce.

How much do we really know about what’s going on inside our bodies every day? Our employee health checks, in partnership with Bluecrest, provide your workforce with the opportunity to regularly check in with their bodies’ health indicators, promoting a proactive approach to staying healthy and helping to spot any concerning signs before they become a problem.

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Employee Assistance Programme

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), provided by award-winning wellbeing providers Vivup, equips your workforce with proactive support and tools for both mental health and everyday wellbeing concerns, including mental health support helplines, face-to-face counselling, menopause support, managers’ coaching, and a dedicated online wellbeing management platform.

Face to Face Counselling

The waiting lists for NHS face-to-face counselling can be weeks or even months. Where it is clinically appropriate our EAP will provide your employees with quick and confidential access to up to eight face to face counselling sessions – ensuring that you can provide the support they need in times of crisis or bridging counselling where a more long-term strategy is required.

The Employee Assistance Programme and Face to Face Counselling are provided through Vivup.

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Best Doctors

Receiving a diagnosis and considering treatment options, whether for ourselves or our loved ones, can leave us feeling uncertain and anxious. With the Best Doctors InterConsultation™ service provided by Teladoc Health, your employees can access the expertise of more than 50,000 consultants and experts from around the world for a second medical opinion.

Improve your body and mind with mProve YOURSELF

Access our mProve YOURSELF health and wellbeing app and turn your smartphone or tablet into a one stop shop of fitness training, mindfulness and mental wellbeing exercises, sleep guides, and much more.

Looking to build an employee benefits package? Make the mProve YOURSELF app your workforce’s employee benefits hub, with direct access to digital benefits such as your EAP, gym discounts, or Best Doctors.

Discounted Gym Membership

Help your employees to save money on their everyday fitness with discounted gym membership at over 3,500 gyms, health clubs, leisure centres, yoga studios and boot camps across the UK.

With such a wide network of chains and independent providers they should be able to find a gym that suits their needs within easy reach of the office or home.

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    *Please note: Gym discounts and the Best Doctors InterConsultation Service are only available when purchased alongside mProve YOURSELF and/or the EAP.

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