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Success Stories

Mando Group

The experienced design and build agency Mando were experiencing issues with managing absences and dealing with mental health in the workplace. We worked with the team to change their approach to wellbeing and introduce a variety of new schemes to support their staff and make a positive change.

Using the Charter framework Mando continue to excel with their wellbeing programme.

The Challenge

The enlightened team at Mando felt that their operating model was not working as effectively as it could be. They wanted to improve absenteeism and make improvements in the way the worked, wanting the business to flourish with teams working more as a family.

Working with Health@Work Mando’s management team were able to focus on areas that they needed to develop and make improvements.

  • Absence management 
  • Mental health awareness 
  • Operating model effectiveness 
  • Training and support 
  • Working as a more cohesive team

What We Did

A dedicated consultant from Health@Work worked very closely with Mando’s management team. Evidence was collated from face-face discussions, reviewing policies and procedures and gathering information using interviews and focus groups.

Once the evidence was collated a comprehensive detailed report with recommendations was given to Mando’s management team for review. Our consultant then discussed the details of the report fully with Mando’s management team with a particular focus on the Recommendations section of the report. 

  • A dedicated consultant 
  • Full understanding of Mando’s business model and aims
  • Close liaison with the management team and employees
  • Engagement across the business 
  • Detailed and comprehensive recommendations

We have made a real difference to people’s lives, changing our practises, ensuring people are always thriving’

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Ian Finch Managing Director

The Outcome

Introducing the Charter and the continual improvement of the reaccreditation have enabled Mando to improve their business model and stimulate a healthier and happier working environment. 

After a range of focussed initiatives from breakfast mornings to a reduction in working hours, Mando not only improved the working environment and the health and wellbeing of their employees but ‘created general improvement across the board’.

  • Improved absenteeism 
  • More efficient working resulting in reduced working hours 
  • General improvement across the board
  • Working as a family 
  • Flourishing business

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