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Gym Discounts

On average, people in UK spend more than £40 per month on memberships to gyms, health clubs, and fitness clubs – help keep those costs down with savings to be made at fitness locations across the country. 

Improve access to fitness with discounted gym memberships 

Both boosting confidence and mental wellbeing and supporting an active, healthy lifestyle – regular exercise is one of the most important things we can do for our day-to-day wellbeing. However, gym memberships can be seen as an unnecessary or luxurious expense – meaning your employees’ access to fitness can become a second thought. 

With discounted gym memberships available via Health@Work, your employees can save money when they join one of 3,000 gyms, health clubs, leisure centres, yoga studios or boot camps across the UK. 

Please note that gym discounts are not available as a standalone benefit and can only be included as part of a package alongside the mProve YOURSELF app and/or an Employee Assistance Programme. 

Why should I support my workforce’s fitness goals? 

Research has found that employees with active lifestyles show signs of significantly better mental health than those who don’t regularly exercise.

Whether by encouraging the production of stress-busting endorphin hormones, or improving their social life by attending local classes and groups, facilitating better access to exercise can have a demonstrable impact on reducing absenteeism, inspiring motivation, and improving the everyday health of your workforce. 

Build an everyday approach to fitness with Health@Work 

Bettering your employees’ access to exercise shouldn’t just stop at the gym doors. Why not help your team to build better everyday fitness habits by combining your gym discounts with the wide range of exercise, yoga, and barre training videos available with the mProve YOURSELF wellbeing app? 

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    *Please note: Gym discounts and the Best Doctors InterConsultation Service are only available when purchased alongside mProve YOURSELF and/or the EAP.

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