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How to improve the awareness of your EAP

13th October 2023


An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an invaluable resource that many organisations offer to their employees. These programmes provide a wide range of services, including short term counselling if deemed clinically appropriate, to support employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing. However, the effectiveness of EAPs largely depends on how they are positioned and how good communication is within the organisation.

Poor positioning could mean that employees are not aware of the benefit and are potentially missing out on the help and support they need. It’s important that organisations actively promote and communicate the availability and benefits of their EAPs to ensure that employees can access the support they require during challenging times.

Health @Work list their tips below to help you build awareness of your EAP within the workplace.

Educate New Employees

The first step in enhancing EAP awareness is to educate new employees about the programme. When joining the organisation the induction process should include details of the company’s EAP, the types of services included, and how to access them. New employees are more likely to utilise EAP services when they are aware of the programme’s existence from the beginning.

Educate Existing Employees

It may seem obvious, but not every employee will realise that your organisation has an EAP in place. Some employees may not be aware of its existence, while others might underestimate or overestimate the scope of services it offers. Therefore, clear, and consistent communication is paramount.

Even if your organisation has a valuable support system in the form of the EAP, don’t assume that everyone knows about it. By taking proactive steps to educate all employees and making EAP information readily accessible, you ensure that every member of your workforce can benefit from the valuable resources included. Don’t assume knowledge; instead, actively promote awareness to help create a supportive and well informed workplace.

Integrate Your EAP Into A Wider Wellbeing Strategy

Integrating your EAP into a broader wellbeing strategy can significantly enhance its impact. By aligning the EAP with other wellness initiatives and benefits, such as fitness programmes, mindfulness workshops, or health insurance plans, you create a comprehensive and holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

This integration not only reinforces the importance of mental and emotional health but also allows employees to see how the EAP fits into the bigger picture of their overall wellbeing. Coordination between various wellness programmes can lead to synergistic benefits, making it easier for employees to access the support they need.

Promote EAP Benefits Regularly

Promotion of the specific EAP benefits should be included in your reminders to keep employees informed.

Ensure Confidentiality

Employees are more likely to seek help if they are assured that their privacy will be protected. Clearly communicate the confidentiality of the service reassuring employees that their personal information will remain secure and never shared without their explicit permission

A workplace culture that destigmatises seeking help for mental health concerns and promotes open dialogue should also be encouraged. When employees feel comfortable discussing their challenges and accessing EAP services without fear of judgement, the overall effectiveness of the program increases.

Ensuring managers and supervisors are trained to recognise signs of employee suffering and with the ability to suggest discreetly and tactfully they contact their  EAPs can contribute to a more supportive work environment.

Tailor Promotion to Different Demographics

Recognise that different employee groups may have varying needs and preferences. Customise your EAP awareness campaigns to cater to these differences. For example, younger employees might prefer social media announcements, while older employees may respond better to printed materials or in person presentations.

Collaborate with EAP Provider

Work closely with your EAP provider to create tailored awareness campaigns. EAP providers often have valuable resources and expertise in promoting their services. Collaborate with them to develop marketing materials, webinars, or workshops that can increase EAP awareness and usage among your employees.

Measure EAP Usage and Feedback

Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your EAP promotion efforts. Use surveys, feedback forms, and usage data to assess the impact of your awareness campaigns. Gather input from employees to identify any barriers to EAP usage and make necessary adjustments.


Improving EAP awareness is an important step in maximising the benefits of your Employee Assistance Programme. By educating new employees, promoting EAP benefits consistently you can enhance EAP usage and contribute to a healthier, more productive workforce.

Remember, EAPs offer valuable resources, and by increasing awareness, you can make sure your employees receive the support they need when facing life’s challenges.

Health@Work has relaunched its Employee Assistance Programme with the award-winning, APPTS accredited wellbeing experts, Vivup. There is no change to the core services for existing users of the EAP but there are some new proactive and preventative wellbeing benefits included because of our partnership with Vivup.

Our EAP delivers wellbeing services to boost employee morale whilst improving productivity and staff retention. To find out more call us on 0151 236 6608.

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