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Course Pricing

We’ve designed our course pricing to be simple and easy to understand. Using a credit-based system allows you to quickly select the best courses for your organisations needs.

Mental Health Training Courses

CoursesInteractive Training (max 25)
Stress management for positive change1 Credit
Mental wellbeing for employees - Self care essentials1 Credit
Mental wellbeing training for leaders and managers2 Credits
Mental health first aider training£295pp

Wellbeing Training Courses for Leaders and Managers

CoursesInteractive Training (max 25)
Psychological safety for driving team performance2 Credits
Health and wellbeing for leaders - leading a culture of wellbeing2 Credits
How to build and maintain an effective workplace wellbeing programme4 Credits
Inclusion and diversity for leaders and managers2 Credits

Menopause Training Courses

CoursesInteractive Training (max 25)
Championing the menopause - Menopause champion training2 Credits
Let's talk menopause - Menopause awareness training2 Credits
The menopause lounge - Coping with the impact of the menopause2 Credits
Supporting employees through menopause - Menopause training for managers2 Credits
The menopause wellness plan: Nutrition and lifestyle interventions for optimal health2 Credits

Wellbeing Training Courses for Employees

CoursesInteractive Training (max 25)
Wellbeing champion training4 Credits
Inclusion and diversity for colleagues2 Credits
Money matters - financial wellbeing training2 Credits
Nutrition simplified - creating a personalised nutrition plan2 Credits
Exercise simplified - creating a personalised exercise plan2 Credits
Healthy habits - a step-by-step guide to lasting change1 Credit
Navigating work-life balance in a remote working environment1 Credit
Alcohol awareness training1 Credit
Healthy eating by design1 Credit
Men's Health1 Credit

Specialist Courses & Strategy Planning

CoursesIndepth interactive training with breakout sessons (max 15)
How to Build an Effective Workplace Wellbeing Programme 3 Credits
Health & Wellbeing for Leaders2 Credits

Our credit packages are designed to give you the ability of choosing the right courses for you, without sacrificing on costs.

Below you can find a breakdown of our credit pricing. You can choose a package based on your training needs. And the more credits you buy, the more money you save. The credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, so you can decide when to use them during that period.

Credit Packages

1-3 Credits£450 per credit
4-9 Credits£415 per credit
10-19 Credits£400 per credit
20+ Credits£385 per credit
Larger packagesPrice on Application

More Information

Contact our team for more information about our course pricing.

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How It Works

Booking your health and wellbeing courses should be simple and stress free.

Simply follow these 3 simple steps and we will look forward to delivering a wellbeing experience that your workforce won’t forget.

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Select your package

We deal in credits, therefore every course has a 'credit price'. Simply review the courses on offer above and then select the credit plan that best meets the needs of your organisation.

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Place an order

Contact the team to make an individual booking or to purchase one of our credit packs. Unsure what's best for you? Contact us and we can talk you through some example packages and timings.

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Attend training

We will advise of the next steps depending on the purchase you have made. If you have any special requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to accommodate these.

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