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Learn step by step 
The 7 C's of Wellbeing Design

What You'll Learn

  • Across seven distinct steps, you’ll learn all about:
    • The how and why of wellbeing: You'll gain a deep perspective on how and why wellbeing works for both employees and organisations - from understanding what drives healthy behaviours to what doesn’t. You’ll learn behaviour change techniques that will motivate your employees to adopt new behaviours.

    • Mastering engagement: We will help you define your wellbeing vision and know what’s required to get employees engaged, including an in-depth understanding of what motivates them, how to collect and analyse data and use it to create wellbeing interventions that boost both morale and productivity.

    • Evaluating success: We will help you measure the success of your programme with quantitative and qualitative data. You’ll learn how to set goals in line with your organisation's mission and values, as well as choose your baseline data against which you can measure its success. You’ll also learn how to refine your programme over time in line with the changing needs and abilities of your workforce.
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Embedding a workplace wellbeing programme is key to promoting a workplace health culture that will drive productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve the overall health of your employees.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to develop a Workplace Wellbeing Programme.

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What is a wellbeing programme?

A wellbeing programme is a series of policies and initiatives to support employees' physical and mental health in the workplace, leading to healthier working environments. A workplace wellbeing programme can bring great benefits to you and your employees.

What are the benefits of a wellbeing programme?

Wellbeing programmes have great benefits. They not only support employee's physical and mental health, but they can also help you tackle employee burnout, stress, turnover and absenteeism.

Employers who adopt wellbeing programmes are likely to see substantial positive returns and save costs.

Learn step by step how to build a wellbeing programme for your workplace

Client Testimonials

“With a decrease in sickness and general health, there is a general improvement across the board”

“Introducing health and wellbeing across the organisation make sure the staff are engaged as part of our wellbeing initiative"

“As leaders it helped us set the direction with our staff encouraging them to take more of themselves and there has been a massive improvement with morale in comparison to a year ago"


off employers offer wellness resources and information and/or a general wellness programme, according to the 2018 Employee Report from the SHRM. 

A study from London Business School suggests that companies with high levels of wellbeing


the stock market by 2-3% per year.


Companies are demonstrating best practice in employee health and wellbeing, showing a higher-than-average shareholder return of 61% instead of 51%, according to research from Business in the Community